Social Media Recruitment: How to Successfully Integrate Social Media into Recruitment Strategy

Marysol Villeda


While corporations are integrating social media into their recruitment strategies with the assistance of experts, this book provides small and medium-sized businesses with an opportunity to join the trend. The focus is to demonstrate why companies would benefit from social media, how to incorporate this strategy into their existing recruitment strategies, and how to measure its success or failure. Author Andy Headworth, with more than two decades of experience in the recruitment field, wrote his second book as a social media guide. The text consists of the author's personal experience, examples of how other companies have already integrated social media and recruitment, and input of other professionals. The overall integration of this strategy can be confusing due to the number of social media sites available and the limited time recruiters have. Nonetheless, this text explores this topic and provides guidelines to overcome it. Those taking the time to read Headworth text will find a proper tool to overcome the paradigm of social media being solely a communication channel for family and friends and learn how to take advantage of it as a business asset.


social media; recruitment; strategy

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